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Therapy, Tutoring & Mentoring

When words
aren't enough

Art to help you heal



Art Therapy is not a new therapy but is becoming popular to help with Mental Health, especially for people who find it hard to verbally communicate.  Don’t think of Art Therapy as “Airy-fairy arty stuff”, think of it as learning how to express your thoughts and feelings that words can not, with the use of colour, line, shape and form with different mediums. These sessions are designed and tailored to give you the tools to continue outside of class time. These sessions are personal 1 on 1, suited for people who struggle with social anxiety as Hayley creates a safe, discrete, non-judgemental environment in the Hay Art Studio which is located at our new location - Shop 2/24 Baynes Street, Margate.

Therapy, Tutoring & Mentoring


Depression can creep up on us at any point in our lives. Sometimes it can be due to physical illness, loss of a loved one or loss of income, due to a relationship break down or sometimes we can’t explain why. In this time of sadness and loss, self-esteem, self-worth and motivation decreases with the negative thoughts rattling around in our heads. If these symptoms are not addressed early with professional guidance, it may lead to other mental health-related issues like self-harm, suicidal thoughts and anxiety. 

“Talking doesn’t help” I have been told this numerous times as a clinical assistant and I myself have said the same thing in the past. That’s ok, everyone is unique in their own way and if you do find it hard to verbalise the way you are feeling because the right words are too hard to find. Art is a form that can help you unlock what words can not explain.


Here is an example of an individual’s process:

A layer of thick black paint covered the canvas which allowed the creator to scratch a naked female figure sitting on the ground, holding one side of her head. Strings that were attached to her head were then pulled down to the floor anchoring her there. The creator described this as “The ground is holding me there, at my lowest point and I don’t know how to get up."

Professional therapy was continued.


Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension and fear, characterised by physical symptoms such as palpitations, sweating, and feelings of stress.

The most common Anxiety disorders are:

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) 

  • Panic Disorder

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder)


Some people have suffered anxiety most of their lives and usually address these issues early by seeing health professionals to manage their symptoms when they arise. Many others have no idea why these anxious feelings start all of a sudden. Usually, there are “triggers” that will set off an attack.


Here is an example of an individual’s process: By only using soft pastel, the individual used line, shapes and colour to describe what it feels like when anxiety takes hold. The drawing was colourful and pretty with lots of swirls and loop covering the whole page as she stated: “I have a good life but I feel like something bad is going to happen and I replay the same thought over and over and over in my head."

Professional Therapy was continued.

Are you on Workcover? 

You can request approval from you case manger to help with payments for art therapy sessions

Diagnosed Disorders

  • ADD

  • ADHD

  • ASD

  • Aspergers

Are you NDIS Approved?

Together with carers, support works and guardians, I offer a safe environment for creators to come and unlock their thoughts through drawing or painting. Especially for non-verbal individuals, Art Therapy is the perfect tool for them to express and communicate with those around them.


For more information get in contact today.


Yes, it’s about YOU!


This program is designed for people of all ages with Social Anxiety or Depression who are wanting to take the step of feeling comfortable around other people in a different environment in a safe, small group setting. Hayley will guide you through a series of expressive art forms using colour, line, shape and form. Towards the end of each lesson, Hayley will help you evaluate your work.

You will create your own Visual Diary to use throughout the 6 weeks plus other activities including 3D projects in a positive manner.

Support workers are welcome.


Private Art Workshops

$50 per person

Hayley can hold a Paint party at your place or venue of choice. This is perfect for corporate events, hen’s or bucks parties, birthdays, Christmas parties, or just because we need to get together after lock down.

Whatever your excuse is to get together Hayley is happy to help.

Hayley has a range of fun designs for you to choose from and can even tailor to a special theme.

price includes all materials, set up and clean up.

(excludes tables, chairs, table clothes or chair covers)

Email Hayley or submit a form to arrange a suitable time and extra details. 

*Home visits available for Moreton Bay region with added travel coat

**Minimum 6 people per booking. Max. 20 people per booking



Hayley is well known for her after school art classes of 13 years and wanted to also included home schooling children too.

Hayley offers art classes for home schooled children to come along and learn different techniques and mediums. Classes are capped at 6 which means bookings are essential.

Available for 8 year olds and above.

Cost $15 per class per student 

Classes are held per school term




Hayley Groves


Hi. My name is Hayley Groves and I am a mother, daughter, professional artist, student, clinical assistant, mentor, tutor, friend, carer giver, lover of wine and cheese, I now live in North Lakes, Brisbane, since January 2021 and study Bachelor of Visual Arts at Griffith University at Southbank. Previously I was working with Psychiatrist Dr Gilbert on the Fraser Coast and studying a Diploma of Mental Health at the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. For 13 years, I have run after school art classes in Maryborough at Hay Art Studio after completing a Diploma of Visual Arts. When I was in a Domestic Violent relationship and I couldn’t verbalise the emotional and mental pain I was carrying. This is where art helped me heal without me realising it. Any time I felt angry, depressed, sad, low or isolated, I expressed it through painting. I went with my gut and painted how I was feeling. No rules, no guidelines, just expression. Through colour and application, I created a body of work which I exhibited at Hervey Bay Regional Gallery to create awareness that Domestic Violence is not accepted in our community or our lives. I collaborated with a fellow artists and survivor of Domestic Violence and created a digital piece which won the Rio Tinto Martin Hanson Award for "Battlefield" in 2016.

This is when I realised if art can help me move forward from a traumatic experience, I can help others,

I can help others achieve the same result.





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